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  • Cycle Basics: Luteal Phase
    Although this is the final portion of the menstrual cycle, it usually forms around half of your cycle length in women with regular cycles. The luteal phase immediately follows ovulation. The ruptured follicle that the egg was released from develops into the Corpus Luteum, which secretes progesterone, and the lining of the uterus thickens. IfContinue reading “Cycle Basics: Luteal Phase”
  • Cycle Basics: Ovulation
    The main event! Ovulation is the main event of your menstrual cycle – it is an indicator of optimal health and fertility, and it also triggers the production of progesterone in the second half of your cycle – the luteal phase: which is essential for whole body health over your reproductive life and well intoContinue reading “Cycle Basics: Ovulation”
  • Cycle Basics: Follicular Phase
    Next in our series on Cycle Basics: The Follicular Phase! This is a portion of your cycle that is packed full of potential. Follicles are developing in the ovaries, with the dominant follicle being released as the ovum (egg) at ovulation. As the follicles mature, they begin to produce more oestrogen, introducing changes to cervicalContinue reading “Cycle Basics: Follicular Phase”
  • Cycle Basics: Menstruation
    Menstruation may seem like the end of a cycle, but in fact, it is the beginning. The first day of fresh red bleeding is considered to be the start of a new menstrual cycle. This first day of fresh red bleeding is known as Cycle Day 1 (CD1) in charting. Menstruation is the shedding ofContinue reading “Cycle Basics: Menstruation”

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