Caring for women and their families through all stages of their fertility journey.

Hi! My name is Madeleine Smith and welcome to The Natural Fertility Collective. 
🌸 Registered Nurse – BNursing/BHlthSc (Paramedic)

🌸 Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education

🌸 Women’s’ Health Advocate 

You deserve to know who is caring for your family, especially in seasons of vulnerability and complexity, like fertility, family planning and women’s’ health concerns.

I graduated with distinction in a Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic) in 2017, and have since practiced as a Registered Nurse within the critical care environment. My personal passion for natural fertility education, various fertility awareness based methods of family planning and women’s health advocacy has led me to undertake further training to become a Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education. 

I’m passionate about supporting women and their families on the journey of achieving or avoiding pregnancy and charting their cycles for health and body literacy and management of women’s health concerns. 

My services include teaching sessions for individuals and couples who would like to utilise the Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness to achieve or avoid pregnancy, and personalised charting advice and consultations to identify barriers to conception, women’s’ health concerns and reproductive optimisation in a natural, hormone-free context. I also provide teaching for those who would like to practice this method for contraception and for women who want to manage their own hormonal health and overall wellbeing.

This approach will benefit many couples, including those trying to conceive naturally, those experiencing infertility and also as an adjunct and in partnership with those accessing IVF and assisted reproductive technology. 

My teaching sessions can also be tailored for women looking to better understand their cycles and hormonal health for the management of women’s health concerns and optimisation of overall health and wellbeing, including the management of fatigue, anaemia, postnatal depletion, PCOS, endometriosis and much more. 

As part of my professional qualifications and registration, I undertake extensive Continuing Professional Development and stay abreast of the current research across the field of natural fertility. My primary focus in caring for you, is providing you with evidence-based, scientifically backed methods, care and advice that will aid you in achieving or avoiding pregnancy and optimising your overall health and wellbeing through observation and education surrounding your cycles. 

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