Madeleine Smith is a Registered Nurse and A Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education. She is passionate about teaching women and their families about their bodies, menstrual cycles and utilising these tools to support pregnancy achievement or avoidance, and the optimisation of menstrual and overall health and wellbeing. She wants to help women love their bodies and grow confident in moving with their natural rhythms.

Natural Fertility Education can provide benefits and empowerment to women in any phase of their reproductive life, whether single and wanting to regain control of your health, coupled and wanting to avoid pregnancy naturally, actively trying to conceive or approaching perimenopause – this education will give you confidence, insight and the skills you need to embrace and navigate your season, without artificial hormones.

Madeleine is based in Brisbane, Australia and is the founder of The Natural Fertility Collective. She loves caring for women and families both locally and around the world, and is currently accepting new clients.

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